Monday, 27 August 2012

I&W Now I&Q's Trial 173 ~ The Journey Begins.


Robot checker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are still lots of folk who have left the robot word checker switched on on their pages people have to copy a word and number code that is almost impossible to read and takes longer to do than comment! If you keep it on eventually people just wont comment on your page! Hewre is how again:

For all those who just joined Blogger if you dont want your friends tearing their hair out please follow this tip
On your blog page
Top Right click the "Design" Button" a new page opens
Click Settings
Almost at the bottom of the list click "Posts and comments"
Again almost at the bottom of the next list
For "Show word verification" say NO
Then click "save settings";)

Thanks for all the Kind words yesterday

Thanks for all the Kind words yesterday for Mom, her treatment was so successful over night they decided she could come home this afternoon and take a course of Antibiotics at home, although her arm still hurts its nowhere near as bad and she has some mobility back it the shoulder joint, she asked me to say thank you to everybody for there good wishes;)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sorry if I was grouchy this morning had a night and day from hell, Moms in the Hospital!

Mom has been unwell for a couple of days with a terrible pain in her shoulder we both had a couple of sleepless nights. I talked to Marci about it yesterday and she said if it was not better I should call the paramedic.
his morning after another sleepless night Mom was in terrible pain to the point of tears so I called the Paramedics and as always here in the UK with the National Health Service they were at the door in 5 minutes.
The Paramedic checked her over, BP, ECG temp etc and was concerned she had a raised heart beat and a temperature, but he could find no explanation for the pain. He called it in and they decided to take her into Hospital where they repeated the tests and did blood work and Xrays.
After a couple hour wait the Doc came back and said that the Arthritis in her shoulder was infected, something I had never knew could happen! Hence the excruciating pain!
Then a problem they had no beds to admit her and she needed to go from Bournemouth Hospital to the one at Poole if she waitd for an ambulance it would be another Hour so I opted to take her myself, we had now been at hospitals for 6 hours now and we were both thirsty hungry and tired, first thing I did when we arrived was get her food, it was then they said they were keeping her in, if I had known I would have dropped in at home and got her a night bag! But still other than that the service was fantastic.
So here I am sitting at home hungry thirsty and exhausted, Hoping you thing thats good enough reason to my grouchy start to the day, I am deleting my last message and not looking at the responses, which I probably would not want to see;)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Deep within the Forest


Deep within the Forest

Deep within the Forest
Shadows Dark and Haunting Grow
Sapping of the spirit
They Drag the body low
Casting Doubt and deep despair
Tangible in the feted air
Brave the soul who lingers there
But hark the distant piping
the Lofty Buzzards Call
Follow Follow 
Distant Freedoms call
Light ahead?
A glimmer?
Green Colours of the tree
Reflected in the water
At last your free.

The First Poem I ever wrote LOL: Mississippi - The River Was circa 2008

P4220087 015
This is what I wrote in the blog way back then:



OK I checked this out with Gary LOL, The man is a poet.
He said yep this is a poem, so I guess it must be lol!

Its the first I have ever written down a poem, I only kept them in my head, but the idea of it came to me as I traveled down the river on my road trip, but only jelled when I read one of Gary's poems , so thanks Gary for the inspiration.

Mississippi - The River Was

The River Was, my friend

The River Was, my companion

The River Was, my guide

The River Was was, my brother growing slowly at my side

The River Was, the sculptuer of the land before my eyes

The River Was, always there for me under clear or cloudy sky's

The River Was, a teacher of things natural, powerful and spiritual

The River Was

The River is

The River always will be

The River Was, is and will be, when there is no more me.

The River Was 

Friday, 24 August 2012

In to the Archive: Barns Bluff, Red Wing Mn (Dpnt try and look at this one on your Phone LOL)

Today was going to be an easy day, a walk around the city taking pics of small town life, I went to the rail depot took a few pics.

The building turned out to be the tourist office, I went in and had a chat with a very nice lady who told me all about the place.

She noticed my camera and I told her what, I had been doing.

She asked if I had climbed Barn Bluff!
Barn BluffP4290032P4290033P4290031
Now those who know me well know you never say "climb", its like saying Harley Davidson to a biker lol.

soooooooooooooo out came the map and she marked the best places to park and start the hike in, telling me to take the south route as the Bluff had only just been opened after winter.
So here I am at the base of the bluff, trails look sweet, I am excited, its been a while since I got up high.P4290039
I get to the fork in the trail, South and North, Hmmmmmmmmm, I look North, well? H
ow hard can it be? LMAO.

Everybody goes south, (well I am a road less travelled man lol), North it is.
Thinking this is great this is easy, then I turn a bend in the trail and am confronted with a 18inch wide track on a 60 degree slope, wet and muddy.P4290065
Well, I have come to far to go back so its onwards and up.

I have to admit to being a little nervous, no support buddies and nobody actually knowing where I am.

I have to admit at this point I have broken just about evey personal rule I have about trail safty, so I am not exactly proud of that, but it was really way past the point of no return.

So I pushed on slowly and carefully to the top and I have to admit that a little nervousness was probably good for me.
The views from the top were spectacular, Im not even sure the pictures do it justice.P4290092
After a short rest and some pic of Gentians that I did not expect to see, I made my way back down, this time by the south trail lol.P4290073
The track down offers great views of the city and river
P4290067Oh! And finally, just to show you should read all the information and warnings before you set out, I noticed this when I got back down!P4290126 Today I spent a little more time down on the river looking at the old building and the Steam Boat.P4300005P4300009P4300007I climbed another bluff to get views back over Barn Bluff, should have been a drive up and an easy day, but the road was closedP4300004 004.
It was a nice hike up and I sapped a few pics on the way and just as I git to the top the red light on the back of the camera flashed twice and the camera shut down.
That little voice in the back of my head said "LOL see your all, don't do what I do do what I say" and I always say be prepared lol, ...........yep I had left all my kit in the car, no spare batteries.

Soooooooooooooooo down I went got out my back pack and walked all the way up again lol, still.........the exercise did me good.
P4300017But I did miss shots of two Bald Eagles on the way down to get my kit, so close I could almost touch them!

Again the views from the top were spectacular, and again I am not sure the pics do the views justice.

Musings from my Android Tablet

Well its a rainy afternoon in England, it got chilly as well, so I am sitting here playing on the Android, its turned out to be a cool bit of Kit.

I discovered though the Blogger app is not compatible with the Android 4 software so I can only post from the browser and then only in HTML for some reason?

Almost All the people on my list at multiply are Blogging here now most have connected with each other others are working on it's a "work in progress" and we will all master it in the end as we did Multiply.

Its not Multiply nothing is maybe the Phoenix project will be the answer, we will see. For now this will be home for me I have put a lot of effort into making sure this will work for me and my friends and its starting to feel a lot like home .

I'm miss Marci like crazy she should have been here by now unfortunately a series of unforeseen events and now a sports injury mean it will be October before can be here , but it will be well worth the wait.

My Moms doing great, but I do notice her looking frailer as time moves on I am making every effort to keep her as active as I can and am enjoying the time we get to spend together as we enjoy so much in common.

A few months ago we started a new healthy regime and we have both lost a lot of weight that we put on during the wet Spring when we could not get out.

We usually walk for at least 2 hours a day and I cycle at least 4 times a week for a minimum of an hour. We are not "dieting" as such but adopting a more healthy diet with smaller portions and low fat versions of meals we really enjoy

We were inspired by 2 English Chefs who were advised they were severly over weight and decided to see if they could lose weight whilst still enjoying exciting and tasty food.

They both managed to lose 42 pounds in three months they mad a TV documentary about it aand wrote a book which I have on order from Amazon. I am looking forward to eating healthy and staying fit from now on;)

Have a great day;)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A day Cycling the New Forest Trails From the Avon Valley to Boulderwood

Cousin Ken and I spent the day Cycling the New Forest Trails, all the shots came from my Olympus Point and Shoot "Tough TG610"

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blogger tip 11 Comment boxes

If you make additional pages in Blogger for example PP or Creative challenge, there is a small problem in that you only get one comment box at the bottom of the page.
As as you add new weekly entries there is no place to comment.
I found this code that you drop below the HTML for your new entry on the page and it makes a comment box, you anly have to add your name and comment, I tested it and it worksd;)
<!-- begin -->
 <div id="HCB_comment_box"><a href="">HTML Comment Box</a> is loading comments...</div>
 <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" id="hcb"> /*<!--*/ if(!window.hcb_user){hcb_user={  };} (function(){s=document.createElement("script");s.setAttribute("type","text/javascript");s.setAttribute("src", ""+escape((window.hcb_user && hcb_user.PAGE)||(""+window.location)).replace("+","%2B")+"&opts=0&num=10");if (typeof s!="undefined") document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s);})(); /*-->*/ </script>
<!-- end -->

What I found was a good trick is type a word in plain text where you want the comment box, when you hit the HTML button you can read down and find the word, hilight it and past the HTML in that way you get the comment box just where you want it;)
UP date I found the code came from this site:
You can go there and there is a code maker that is full of options you select options and it changes the code for you when your finished  you copy the code and can past it into your Blogger Blog on any of the poages you have created;)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Blogger Tips Compilation Repost

Several People asked me again to collect together and re-post all the Blogger Tips so here they are with all the updates added

1)GettiNg rid of word verification
Besides adding a friends URL to your read list on your dashboard, which you should do anyway. You can also add a Friends Button to your Blog Page. Here is how:
There are lots of additions you can add to your page From the Design Page including an "Add Friends" Button.
From your Blog click the "Design" button.
From the list click the "layout" button
You will see a template with "Add a gadget" buttons all over it click any one and this will bring up a list of function gadgets you can add to your page.
 Go down the list until you find "Followers" Gadget. Click the + button and add the gadget to your page.
Once added you can "drag and drop" a gadget to a new position or change the order of the gadgets in your side bar.

I hope you find this tip useful;)

2) Making Quick Notes Page
Hi all I came up with an idea for a Quick Notes Page on our Blogger Blogs it seems to work quite well, if you want to try it out its quite simple:
As usual on your blog page click design in the top right corner.
Click Pages in the list.
Then New Page.
Give the page a title
Then click up date
Then go to your page
all that should be there is a new heading quick notes
click it and you should have a blank page with a comment box
people have used mine already, try it out;)

3) Making Flickr Galleries
OK I found a way to blog a gallery straight from Flicker. The official way will only put a gallery into your blog page, but I figured out what Microsoft would call a "work around" LOL thatw ill let you make new Gallery Pages.
First the official method:
You need a Flickr account.
In your account you can create what Flickr call "sets", in effect Galleries.
Put the images you want to Blog in a set.
Open the set.
In the right hand corne of the page you will see a "share" Button with a "Blogger" Logo.
Click that and follow the instructions this will creat a blog entry on your blog page.
Unofficial Workaround to create Gallery Pages.
Follow the above instructions.
Go to your Blogger Page.
Click the Design Button.
Then Click "Posts"
You will see the post/Gallery you just created on your page.
Click edit.
Click the HTML button
Highlight and cut and past the HTML
Press up date to return to your Design page.
At this point you can delete the blog entry as you will be using the HTML to create a stand alone page.
Creating a gallery.
Still on your design Page
Click "Pages"
Click "New Page"
Give the page a title
Click the HTML button and paste your saved HTML
Click the update button.
Go to your web page and see a new button for your beautiful new gallery LOL
Click the button and go admire you work, I hope you find this useful and it works for you if you want to make Galleries;)
Here are mine:

4)  Adding Functionality to your page?
There are lots of additions you can add to your page From the Design Page.
From your Blog click the "Design" button.
From the list click the "layout" button
You will see a template with "Add a gadget" buttons all over it click any one and this will bring up a list of function gadgets you can add to your page.
Once added you can "drag and drop" a gadget to a new position of change the order of the gadgets in your side bar

5) Super-sizing your page? - How to set up wide screen
This tip explains how to adjust the with of your page to any point you want right out to full wide screen:
As usual on your page click "Design"
In the left hand list click "Template"
Then click the "Customize" button.
A list will appear on the left, click "
"Adjust width"
Two sliders will appear.
One adjusts your page width
The second the width of your sidebar.
When your done click the "Apply to" Button top right of the page;)
I hope this works for you if you prefer a wider page;)

Blogger Tip 8: This is a real simple one For a more interactive experience reading others blogs from your Dash Board, click the "Google Reader" Button and you will see all the latest blogs in a long scrolling list including images you can click on each entry and get taken straight to the blog;)

Where you are on Blogger Google ?

If you see something like this: 

Congrats! You found your Blog LOL 

If you see something like this:
You Have managed to Navigate to Google Plus In the black bar along the top you will see "More" A dropdown menu shows a list click "Blogger to get back to your Blog 

 If you see something like this:

Your on your Blogger Dashboard click "view blog" button to get to your Blog Page;)   
Have a nice day;P


As  promised how to secure your Blogger site to the level that suits you.
Rather than rewrite what is already available, please go check this page out there is also a video:

Control permissions:
Moderate comments:
Manage your blog’s Google+ settings:
What is the dashboard?:
Reporting abuse:
Just ans a useful addition:
Blogger Template Designer:

Post a link in  a  Comments Box
I just discovered you cant drop a page link in a comment box on blogger like we do here. I did and it does not work!
I have created a work around that will let you drop a link and it works perfectly LOL;P
It is fairly simple. This is the code you drop into the comment box:

<a href="URL">Title</a>

Replace the URL with the URL of the site you are linking to and replace the Title with the title of the site.
Easy as pie. Now get out there and comment!!!
Example:  In my case it goes like this:  <a href="">PicturePerfect</a


Is there anybody out there LMAO?