Ode to The Mountains and the Oceans

"The first time I saw the Ocean PA140176
I was overwhelmed with emotion PA140175
Desiring to untie former habituation PA140169
and stay behind, my sojourn to investigate
the unfamiliar confidant
Riveted by the timeless, infinite sea PA140123
washing my feet with warm salt water PA140110
my long lost friend who missed me PA140101
I stayed a while, and left mourning PA140094
I dreamed of the waves, rolling higher PA140061
beckoning me home, I heard my name called PA140052in the warm sea zephyr PA140051
.....then I met a beauty of another persuasion PA140047
magnificent mountains filled me with awe
climbing high peaks gasping for air PA140028
finding a place where I am a speck in the lower heavens PA140022
sharing miles of lower vast land laying bare Raw00004
and I asked "do I belong" ? am I home? Raw00007
I tarried a while, and left mourning PA130069
and I dream of the mountains calling my name PA130056
The majestic awe of the wondrous vortexes

......the irony is, I belong no where

For if I did, I'd be bound by limits, suppressed
to the endless places that may call my name
PA130018beckoning me to an inspirational place
instilling awe, and wonderment of fate
refreshingly enlivened, the inner man graced

I do know.........I don't belong here
there are neither the mountains nor the oceans,

I speak of........
......but when the voice calls my name clearly

I will know whence it comes and shed tears
PA130005when I'm called home, PA130006to learn the meaning of where I belong..."

Unknown Author
Im probabley gona be in a mountain top cabin tonight so probabley no blog until Thursday night

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