Friday, 7 September 2012

Sooooooooooooo This is offically my only blogging home now

Hi all, I closed my Multiply account today due to a total lack of interest in communicating, except for a small core of "die hards" and am only Blogging here now. Although I have cross-posted a few bits this is my first Blogger blog.

Its a welcome to my wayward friends from Multiply ands new readers I see on my list of friends.

I only keep a small circle of friends, Not usually more than 50, simply because I can't get around and read blogs from more people that that.

Shortly I will be closing down the Page to public viewing and there are a few rules about this and every other blog I have had that I want to make clear.

This is a place for fun and enjoyment, DON'T come start fights with people  or me on my Pages, you will be blocked.

DON'T add me to your list is your not going to read me and comment.  I will comment on all blogs my friends post except political posts which I will neither read or comment on.

Blogging is a 2 way street if your somebody who blogs and expects comments on your posts, but does not have time to respond, I am not for you either.

My buddies from Multiply know I regularly "Spring Clean" my list if you don't visit and comment,  your gone!

Blogging is about being a community and respect if you don't want to be part of my community and you don't have the Courtesy to comment if you read my posts, then please take me off your list.

If your happy with all the about your most welcome on my site and I will appreciate and respond to all your comments and posts and I believe there is a real chance to make a community here that will be better than Multiply ever was.


This is now the only site I will be posting on

I have closed my Multiply site I may be reading there but I am done Blogging