Sunday, 19 August 2012

About Me Part 2

Actually to tell you more about me I need to tell you about the people who Made me ME.
Today its my Mum I want to tell you about, she was born and bought up in the same road where I spent my childhood.

She grew up as a Teenager during WW2, Living in London she vividly remembers the Blitz and the dog fights of the Battle of Britain as pilots dueled over London.


She Married my Father soon after he came out of the army having served in Burma, Japan, Malaya and India.
They moved into the Flat (apartment) below the one in which my Mums parents lived ( that story I told in part 1).
I was born there and lived all my childhood and teen years until I myself got married, and moved away.
We had a great life when I was a child I lived in a house full of books with both parents always willing to take the time to help me discover new things, they fired a curiosity in me that burns to this day.
We spent many summer school holidays exploring museums and galleries around the Capital
When my Dad was about 40 his health started to deteriorate and my Mum took on the responsibility as his carer, even with extreme ill health my Dad lived a long and happy life because of her efforts.
Picture 079

I learned all my standards from them and the life they lived.
At the end when it was my Dads time I promised him I would take care of Mum for as long as she lived.
To that end I have happily and willingly given up my travels (for now LOL;))
During the time she cared for my day she had periods of ill health herself, she developed osteoporosis in her Pelvis and spin, she was in pain and unable to walk upright for several years and still managed to care for Dad.
When Dad passed I persuaded her to come live with me and shortly after she did the doctor advised her she needed a knee replacement, unfortunately due to a couple of untimely accidents her surgery was delayed almost 2 years.
She was very depressed at that time having been so active all her life. We made a deal that if after the surgery she eventually had she could walk for 2 miles I would take her to America for a journey of a life time traveling from Michigan to Florida down through the Eastern States, which as you all know we eventually did.
My Mom and Dad had a love of a life time loving each other with a passion until the day my Father died, something I never found in my Marriage but eventually did with Marci.

Although I see Mom getting frailer as the years pass she still has a lust for life and a spirit for adventure and never has to be asked twice to head out on the trails or to walk longer on the forest trails of the country parks.
I have had a charmed life because of my parents especially my mother a debt that I will continue to pay for as long as needed.   

Yesterday and the day before we walked on the country park and Mom climbed this hill unaided, she is an inspiration and makes me very Proud;)