Monday, 8 October 2012

View from the Quay

Christchurch Quay is a beautiful riverside open space in Christchurch town centre with a variety of events and facilities available throughout the year.Christchurch Quay has views of the 11th Century Priory and is the starting point for many water based activities. The large grass area is known as the Quomps and is perfect for a variety of activities including picnicking, relaxing, sports and games. The smaller paved area next to Place Mill is known as the Town Quay.  We ensure the unique character and heritage of the Quay is maintained in harmony with the facilities and leisure opportunities available. For more information about Christchurch.Christchurch Quay operated commercially from the thirteenth century until the early 1900s. The River Stour has since been used by leisure craft. The Quomps, a name recorded from the 1700s, is historically used to describe a marshy area. The Priory fish ponds were located here and whilst subject to regular flooding, the area was almost certainly grazed by livestock. River system improvements to the lower Stour have removed much of this old landscape.Place Mill has medieval stonework and Tudor and eighteenth century brickwork. The mill was used for cleaning and thickening cloth and grinding corn until 1908. It was then used as a boatshed for 70 years before being purchased by the council and carefully restored.