Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bruce Springsteen - My City of Ruins - 9/11 Benefit

Picture Perfect Freestyle Week Day Two - WHERE WERE YOU?

In the late 90s I spent a lot of time in New York State as an adviser to the Environment and Conservation Services as an adviser on exchange from the UK government working on a Lake Ontario Project, my time divided between NYC and the Project office in Watertown up on Lake Ontario.

NY State became my adopted home for a while and NYC was just by USA standards a short 4 hour drive away I became very fond of that city and my friends I made there  on our weekends off.

In September 11 2001 I was on Vacation in Spain in a little town called Nerjsa on the Mediterranean. When I got up that day and turned on Sky news the world had changed forever. I initially thought I was watching a disaster  Movie, then with a cold chill I released this was the real deal.

My buddies and I like most people I know sat engrossed and unbelieving for the rest of the day as the terrible events unfolded. A day I will never forget for the rest of my life.

When I got back to England the first thing I did was order a ticket to fly to New Youk the following March determined to give my own little 2 fingers up to the terrorists who had perpetrated thsi foul deed.

In fact I Made a pilgrimage to NY for several years after and was lucky enough to be in NY when the Globe  From outside the World Trade Center was set up in Battery Park as a temporary Memorial to the Fallen, I watched Rudy Giuliani and many other people make speeched and dedicate the Memorial. It became a very special place for me and I try and remember it every year at this time.

I am sorry this was a little long winded here is my Picture and a Video I made way back when "Where were you?


9/11 Lest we Forget!