Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Flood Moors Lake

Hi all, the storms are Finally over here, but I know they only moved north a thought and prayer for people in Mitch's area who I know are still under threat of flood.

Mom and I ventured out for an hour yesterday as soon as the rain finally stopped. we headed up to the moors River and lake to see how things were.

When we arrived the river had just burst its banks and was flooding into the lake which in turn was over topping on to the flood plain. All the property in this area including the Rangers office is on higher ground so everyone was safe.

I took a few shots and we left as we could see the water rising as we walk and we had to back track as all the paths were under water, Its humbling to see the power of nature . here are a few shots from the day when the flood had just started. 

Have a wonderful day;)