Friday, 26 April 2013


In the time since my Dad died my life has changed out of all recognition. I was a Nomad travelling where and when I pleased and photographing my world, something I have given up for now. 

But as in so many cases as a door closes another opens. 

I now take care of my Mom and will do so for as long as I need to. I am also no longer just "I" but now part of "Us", Marci is the most wonderful woman the one I have looked for all my life. 

Although I did not know it as the time she was what I was looking for on my travels and I am now more contented than I have ever been in my whole life.

Besides these changes, I gave up my job and started selling my photographs and whilst this project is still a work in progress I am still loving it.

I was also surprised to get a letter last year from the Government informing me that the years I spent working for them as an advisor on Ocean Issues entitled me to a pension 7 years earlier than the now current retirement age!!!

Now early retirement was not in my plans, but when I enquired if I could defer the pension I was told NO!!!! 

It would not accrue any more and I would simply lose the income until I decided to retire! 

Clearly a no brainer LOL! So I am now officially semi retired.

You know something? I was surprised to find what they say is true and I am now busier  than I was when I was working. 

I volunteered and took on the task of leading " health walks" at the Local country park and have also started leading the longer country walks which venture further a field and last half a day.

I am cycling most days and have had to put in extra work in the garden after the postponed Spring! 

Basically I have never been so busy in my life.

Last Summer I shed almost 40 pounds and amazingly it has stayed off? Although I had a couple of bouts of illness in the last 6 months I am actually fitter than I have been since my 40s. Which also makes life very good.

On thing that has also changed in a major way is bogging.  I persevered after Multiply closed, but its just not there, the motivation has gone, mainly I suspect because of all the above. 

I am leading a full and fruitful life and have little or no time to post let alone get around and read posts from others. 

I have made a huge effort to keep up with the groups to which I still belong, Picture This , Creative Challenge and Images and Words, I have dropped out of Picture Perfect because I don't believe its right to post when I don't have time to get around to look at other  peoples posts.

But to be honest more basic than that is a I have no inclination to post much anymore save for a few images now and then, I think for me the time I used to spend at the computer is better spent doing the things that fill my day outside "Cyber World".

So for now, I will mainly be on-line to keep in touch with my many friends here and  posting to the three groups I am still involved with and posting a few pictures now and then, but honestly not much more than that.

I value my friends here a great deal but am clearly not going to be around as much as I was in Multiply days, so If any of you feel the need to remove me from your list I promise I will not be offended LOL;)

Have a great weekend and may your God be with you xxxxx