Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Just got bad from the Doctor

Hi all, 
Just got bad from the Doctor, the good news is I am already on the mend, the bad news I have Acute Bronchitis and it has a  6 - 8 week  duration so it could take another 4 weeks to clear up, its a virus and there is no treatment other than reducing the symptoms and rest. So its continuing with the cold and flu drinks with decongestant  and rest and keep warm for the next few weeks.

It looks like mom just had a bad cold so that's good news as well.

Doc said I am lucky because of my underlying good health and fitness, and it could have been much worse than than it is. 

He said that not re-hydrating enough after exercise could have left me vulnerable to the infection as 10% de-hydration can suppress the immune system by 25%!!!!

Sorry not to get around to your posts but to be honest I do not have the energy to sit here and type.

I hope all is well in your worlds thanks for the kind words, thoughts and prayers to those friends who have endured one of the worst storms in living memory, I hope the road back to normality is a quick one;)

Be safe and may your God be with you;)