Saturday, 11 August 2012

Garden Walkabout

Olympic Mountain Biking

The Venue: Hadleigh Farm in Essex


The first Olympic Mountain Bike Race took place at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia, USA, making this year mountain biking’s fourth Olympic appearance. It may also be introducing the least mountainous Olympic mountain bike course to date. That doesn’t mean that the race will be easy, however, as course designers and race organizers have worked hard to make the course technical with short rock gardens and soft grassy sections, which could be quite soft if the weather is wet.



A house is not a home

A house is not a home

A house is not a home
So where ever you may roam
You will never be alone
Because my home will
Always be your home

Heathland Morning Mist

3am start got me high up on the heathland of the new forest the valleys were carpeted with mist as as the sun came up treating me to a Tequila Sunrise Z0114703