Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Creative Challenge #253 ~ Instrument

The Instrument

 The Instrument

There once was a time
So long ago
When from this Guitar
Sweet music would flow

A beautiful  Instrument
So slick in my hand
It held dreams of wonder
For me and the band

Fingers would drift 
across golden string
The music it made 
would make the heart sing

It carried me far 
across many lands
Making sweet Music,
 just me and the band

Time goes so fast 
As does come age
All memories now
The turn of the page

Fingers now stiff
They won't pay a bar
But they still feel the beauty
Of this old Guitar

The memories it conjurers
They carry me far
To a  time when you loved me
and this old Guitar

But time carried you away
ripped from my hand
and with you the music 
that flowed from my hand

Now there are just memories
Many stories at hand
We sit and we tell them 
Me and the band

On the porch at sunset
A beer in our hand
We trade those old stories 
Me and the band

The day will come soon
I will be back at your side
once more I will make music 
For my beautiful Bride

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Creative Challenge 252 - In the beginning

sunriesmarch2009 063

In the beginning 

In the beginning 

Black, no blue skys
totally dark no food for the eyes
Then a shimmer of red 
So much a surprise

The dawn of each day
A treasure indeed
Solace for those 
who are in great need

The power of nature
an unfathomable thing
it can crush our soul
of make our hearts sing

This power at hand 
an omnipotent thing?
or the blind hand of Fate
The pendulums swing?

What ever your faith
Its a powerful thing
The wonder of Nature
and what it may bring.

                                   For Moore OK


Friday, 17 May 2013

Creative Challenge # 251 - Searching



Time came time went
Great distances I knew
Land and seas past beyond
But still I searched a new

So many roads I travelled
Friends met and made its true
In all the time and distance passed
I really never knew

In travel I was searching
for what I had no clue
But as I took this picture
It occurred to me, it was you!

Boscombe Over Cliff May 2013

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Creative Challenge #250 - Twisted


Lost  in time torn and twisted
Natures wroth long resisted

Cloaked in Green by moist night air
Broken twigs stretched wide in stark despair 

Snaking this way and that
Climbing high above natures mat

Harsh life long persisted
Through harshness have you long existed

In it all you have fought to be
In your life I see shades of me!

Monday, 6 May 2013



The Heritage plaque at the site says that the henge was constructed c. 2,500 B.C, consisting of a ring bank with two entrances and an internal ditch, 'probably intended for ceremonial use'. It is now realised that the Knowlton henge was only a single part of a larger 'sacred' prehistoric landscape, which was re-used for thousands of years, ending with the construction of the Norman church in the middle of the central henge in the 12th century AD.


Knowlton Rings' consists of 4 earthworks: the North Circle, Church Circle, Southern Circle, and the 'Old Churchyard'. In addition to these sites, to the east of the Church Circle is the Great Barrow, the largest round barrow in Dorset, and almost certainly directly related to the henges. (1) The most prominent site in the complex is the 'Church Circle', now commonly called Knowlton Henge.


The remaining henge was Christianised in the 12th century with the construction of the Norman Church in the centre of the central henge.


The Cowslip is an extremely well known and popular wild flower whose numbers declined dramatically between the 1950s and the 1980s.  


The Cowslip grows to a height of 20-30 cm when in full flower, with leaves that go up to 10-15cm.  It produces delicate yellow flowers 1-2cm, usually between March and May.  


Its preferred habitat is open grassland either slighly alkali or neutral in nature.  It also requires a generous amount of light in order to flower and is not successful in woodlands or under tall plants.