Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Blogger Tips Compilation Repost

Several People asked me again to collect together and re-post all the Blogger Tips so here they are with all the updates added

1)GettiNg rid of word verification
Besides adding a friends URL to your read list on your dashboard, which you should do anyway. You can also add a Friends Button to your Blog Page. Here is how:
There are lots of additions you can add to your page From the Design Page including an "Add Friends" Button.
From your Blog click the "Design" button.
From the list click the "layout" button
You will see a template with "Add a gadget" buttons all over it click any one and this will bring up a list of function gadgets you can add to your page.
 Go down the list until you find "Followers" Gadget. Click the + button and add the gadget to your page.
Once added you can "drag and drop" a gadget to a new position or change the order of the gadgets in your side bar.

I hope you find this tip useful;)

2) Making Quick Notes Page
Hi all I came up with an idea for a Quick Notes Page on our Blogger Blogs it seems to work quite well, if you want to try it out its quite simple:
As usual on your blog page click design in the top right corner.
Click Pages in the list.
Then New Page.
Give the page a title
Then click up date
Then go to your page
all that should be there is a new heading quick notes
click it and you should have a blank page with a comment box
people have used mine already, try it out;)

3) Making Flickr Galleries
OK I found a way to blog a gallery straight from Flicker. The official way will only put a gallery into your blog page, but I figured out what Microsoft would call a "work around" LOL thatw ill let you make new Gallery Pages.
First the official method:
You need a Flickr account.
In your account you can create what Flickr call "sets", in effect Galleries.
Put the images you want to Blog in a set.
Open the set.
In the right hand corne of the page you will see a "share" Button with a "Blogger" Logo.
Click that and follow the instructions this will creat a blog entry on your blog page.
Unofficial Workaround to create Gallery Pages.
Follow the above instructions.
Go to your Blogger Page.
Click the Design Button.
Then Click "Posts"
You will see the post/Gallery you just created on your page.
Click edit.
Click the HTML button
Highlight and cut and past the HTML
Press up date to return to your Design page.
At this point you can delete the blog entry as you will be using the HTML to create a stand alone page.
Creating a gallery.
Still on your design Page
Click "Pages"
Click "New Page"
Give the page a title
Click the HTML button and paste your saved HTML
Click the update button.
Go to your web page and see a new button for your beautiful new gallery LOL
Click the button and go admire you work, I hope you find this useful and it works for you if you want to make Galleries;)
Here are mine:

4)  Adding Functionality to your page?
There are lots of additions you can add to your page From the Design Page.
From your Blog click the "Design" button.
From the list click the "layout" button
You will see a template with "Add a gadget" buttons all over it click any one and this will bring up a list of function gadgets you can add to your page.
Once added you can "drag and drop" a gadget to a new position of change the order of the gadgets in your side bar

5) Super-sizing your page? - How to set up wide screen
This tip explains how to adjust the with of your page to any point you want right out to full wide screen:
As usual on your page click "Design"
In the left hand list click "Template"
Then click the "Customize" button.
A list will appear on the left, click "
"Adjust width"
Two sliders will appear.
One adjusts your page width
The second the width of your sidebar.
When your done click the "Apply to" Button top right of the page;)
I hope this works for you if you prefer a wider page;)

Blogger Tip 8: This is a real simple one For a more interactive experience reading others blogs from your Dash Board, click the "Google Reader" Button and you will see all the latest blogs in a long scrolling list including images you can click on each entry and get taken straight to the blog;)

Where you are on Blogger Google ?

If you see something like this: 

Congrats! You found your Blog LOL 

If you see something like this:
You Have managed to Navigate to Google Plus In the black bar along the top you will see "More" A dropdown menu shows a list click "Blogger to get back to your Blog 

 If you see something like this:

Your on your Blogger Dashboard click "view blog" button to get to your Blog Page;)   
Have a nice day;P



As  promised how to secure your Blogger site to the level that suits you.
Rather than rewrite what is already available, please go check this page out there is also a video:

Control permissions:
Moderate comments:
Manage your blog’s Google+ settings:
What is the dashboard?:
Reporting abuse:
Just ans a useful addition:
Blogger Template Designer:

Post a link in  a  Comments Box
I just discovered you cant drop a page link in a comment box on blogger like we do here. I did and it does not work!
I have created a work around that will let you drop a link and it works perfectly LOL;P
It is fairly simple. This is the code you drop into the comment box:

<a href="URL">Title</a>

Replace the URL with the URL of the site you are linking to and replace the Title with the title of the site.
Easy as pie. Now get out there and comment!!!
Example:  In my case it goes like this:  <a href="http://oceankinguk2003.blogspot.co.uk/p/picture-perfect.html">PicturePerfect</a


  1. Baz, I wonder if you can help me. I have been trying to post photos from FlickR and i can't as I get a message which says "Blogger says that this blog has been rate-limited. Please try again later." I can't find out what that means. Thanks.

    1. I dont know let me check I will get back to you;)

    2. ok it simply means your up loading too much stuff per day your limited to 50 uploads per day either blogs or groups of pictures when you reach your limit your locked out of uploading for the rest of the day;)

  2. Aha that's how you make the gallery...I did it a totally different way, lol I created a new blog for them and made a new page(photo button) with a link to the new "photo" blog. Then gave flickr the URL to that blog for posting to blogger. It works but my followers don't get the photo blog in their feed unless they also "follow" it. Well at least I see now how it is done, thank you.

  3. How bout I just send you my passwords and you add pages for Picture Perfect, Creative Challange, and Images and words? Works for me. LOL

  4. so sweet of you to do this !!!
    omg the amount of time this must have taken....!

    will refer to this again n again...thank you...

  5. Will have to have to work on this over the weekend, Baz. It is all a big mess in my head. LOL

  6. Hi I have a question, can't think of any one else who is at all likely to know the answer so... here goes.
    Question is; do you know a way to work centrally from the dashboard and overwrite all posts at the same time to make the text a uniform, style, colour and size?? Problem is, I created a storage blog and imported all my old multiply posts to it. The site looks good, but it has a dark background and I need large white writing on all of the posts. To do it by hand is easy, except that I am talking about around 1000 posts, and that would be too tedious and boring, not to mention time consuming. so... do you know a way to do this??
    thanks :-))

    1. Sorry it took a while to check this out, unfortunately as far as I can see there is not way to "bulk" edit posts, because they are all in essence individual documents and are not linked in any way within Blogger, so the only way to change the font and style and size is to edit each post. Sorry again I know thats not the answer you were looking for. If you could find somebody knows about CCS rather than HTML there might be a way but CCS is not something I have played with