Friday, 24 August 2012

Musings from my Android Tablet

Well its a rainy afternoon in England, it got chilly as well, so I am sitting here playing on the Android, its turned out to be a cool bit of Kit.

I discovered though the Blogger app is not compatible with the Android 4 software so I can only post from the browser and then only in HTML for some reason?

Almost All the people on my list at multiply are Blogging here now most have connected with each other others are working on it's a "work in progress" and we will all master it in the end as we did Multiply.

Its not Multiply nothing is maybe the Phoenix project will be the answer, we will see. For now this will be home for me I have put a lot of effort into making sure this will work for me and my friends and its starting to feel a lot like home .

I'm miss Marci like crazy she should have been here by now unfortunately a series of unforeseen events and now a sports injury mean it will be October before can be here , but it will be well worth the wait.

My Moms doing great, but I do notice her looking frailer as time moves on I am making every effort to keep her as active as I can and am enjoying the time we get to spend together as we enjoy so much in common.

A few months ago we started a new healthy regime and we have both lost a lot of weight that we put on during the wet Spring when we could not get out.

We usually walk for at least 2 hours a day and I cycle at least 4 times a week for a minimum of an hour. We are not "dieting" as such but adopting a more healthy diet with smaller portions and low fat versions of meals we really enjoy

We were inspired by 2 English Chefs who were advised they were severly over weight and decided to see if they could lose weight whilst still enjoying exciting and tasty food.

They both managed to lose 42 pounds in three months they mad a TV documentary about it aand wrote a book which I have on order from Amazon. I am looking forward to eating healthy and staying fit from now on;)

Have a great day;)


  1. it is starting to feel like home! sorry about Marci. so nice to hear your time with mom. since just losing my dad & mom being 2hrs away i long for more time with her. good luck with new changes...sound fun!

  2. Yes, slowly getting used to Blogger / Google+ but the things I can do here are limited due to the fact that I currently reside in the middle of the African Bush, and rely solely on my iPhone apps and a very intermitted 3G / Edge / no connection. Grins.....
    I am so sorry that Marci had to defer her trip to the UK, but I am sure it will be well worth the wait .... only a few more sleeps !
    Have a fantastic day !

    1. I hope you get a better connection soon Annette but I would imagine the location is well worth the sacrifice?

  3. I really like Blogger. It suits me. I keep getting new ideas. Looks like we will all be travelling in October, sorry that Marci's visit has been delayed. I hope to go to London in October to see my dad. I usually stay at my friends place. He will be 97 years old in three weeks. I can still have a good conversation and argument with him, but his legs do not do what they should any more. It is a bit of a problem for me, living so far away. But he has a lovely carer who lives just down the road from him and my friend helps out. I can do a lot on the phone (skype) talking to the local council and organising stuff. He has a cleaning lady once a week and his food is delivered from something called Wiltshire Farms, which he is quite happy about. Also he has a service wash done, so no big problems in that direction.

    1. IM Glad you are enjoying it and getting to grips it is a bit complicated LOl;)

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    1. They are indeed, thanks for your visit and comment;)