Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sorry if I was grouchy this morning had a night and day from hell, Moms in the Hospital!

Mom has been unwell for a couple of days with a terrible pain in her shoulder we both had a couple of sleepless nights. I talked to Marci about it yesterday and she said if it was not better I should call the paramedic.
his morning after another sleepless night Mom was in terrible pain to the point of tears so I called the Paramedics and as always here in the UK with the National Health Service they were at the door in 5 minutes.
The Paramedic checked her over, BP, ECG temp etc and was concerned she had a raised heart beat and a temperature, but he could find no explanation for the pain. He called it in and they decided to take her into Hospital where they repeated the tests and did blood work and Xrays.
After a couple hour wait the Doc came back and said that the Arthritis in her shoulder was infected, something I had never knew could happen! Hence the excruciating pain!
Then a problem they had no beds to admit her and she needed to go from Bournemouth Hospital to the one at Poole if she waitd for an ambulance it would be another Hour so I opted to take her myself, we had now been at hospitals for 6 hours now and we were both thirsty hungry and tired, first thing I did when we arrived was get her food, it was then they said they were keeping her in, if I had known I would have dropped in at home and got her a night bag! But still other than that the service was fantastic.
So here I am sitting at home hungry thirsty and exhausted, Hoping you thing thats good enough reason to my grouchy start to the day, I am deleting my last message and not looking at the responses, which I probably would not want to see;)


  1. Hope things are better now, prayers for you both.

  2. Sorry to hear that Baz and keep fingers crossed that everything goes well.

  3. So sorry to hear about your mom and I hope she feels better soon. prayers for you both.

  4. Please give Peggy a hug for me, but not on her boo-boo shoulder!

  5. Sounds like a nasty flare up, hope she is better fast

  6. I can Assure you Baz no one took offence at your blog yesterday.
    We are all getting fed up with multiply, for myself, not only for getting rid of us but making my home page there so huge it is a mission to read anything, but they have also been into my new sites leaving an ad for themselves with their logo on. I am very close to just shutting them down. I just have photos in my media locker I want to transfer to MS-Word. If I can get that done today then I will be outta there pronto.

    I want to also thank you for letting us know about your Mum and hope the pain is dealt with by now. I have that problem in my spine, neck and shoulders and never knew it could get an infection in it. I makes sense to me now why sometimes the pain won't go despite taking Tramadol.

    Read your comments from that blog. I'm sure you will find no nasty comments there. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGS

  7. Hope your Mum feels better now... best wishes for her quick recovery...
    Have a good start of the week...

  8. I'm so happy she's getting better. It sure was a rough day. I felt terrible that she suffers with arthritis so miserably. I'm so glad the meds are working xxx

  9. crazy, when you're not feeling well the hospital if the last place you want to be, it's so tiring. hope your mom starts feeling better soon. get some rest!!!