Monday, 26 November 2012

Hi All

Hi, I hope you all had a good weekend, absolutely nothing to blog about here its been raining and very windy for days now and the week looks the same. 

The only good news at the moment I am fully recovered from an 8 week bout of Acute Bronchitis and the camera engineer was able to fix my 70 - 300 lens with out recourse to new parts.

Moms doing great and walking miles with me when the weathers dry.

Marci finally got everything sorted out at home and is coming to see me for 3 weeks on the 26 December.

I am heaqdin g off around your posts now while I drink my coffee have a great week;) 


  1. Starting this week with good news... Great! I've been missing your NEXT SHOT... Perhaps now that you are fully recovered you will post a new subject... I do hope so... Have a good week, Baz!

  2. Good to hear you are better. ................. Happy to hear that Marci is coming over to visit, that should cheer you both up. ............Stay in touch, chat soon.

  3. Hope to see more pics soon! Of course, I'm counting the days down !! Xoxx

  4. Good that you are finally well, that stuff really takes it's tole.
    Didn't know about your lens problem, good you didn't loose it or have to have new parts.
    But most of all I know your and Marci are glad things are working out for her visit.
    I haven't been on Blog Spot much so I know I have missed a lot of posts & doubt I have time to catch up.

  5. Hi Baz. Glad you're all better now. I bet you're as fed up with this bloody awful weather as I am!!! The good news is that it should become drier (and colder) later in the week, so maybe you'll be able to get out of the house again!! I bet you can't wait to see Marci again :-))

  6. good news it is then mate..glad the bug has left and mum is doing well...send her my love..and glad the lovely ms marci will be there with you hugs bro

  7. Glad to hear you and you're mom are doing fine!
    And yuo must be very happy Marci is coming ... counting the days?

  8. Bloody great news at last Baz. The 26th Dec will be here before you know it. So glad you are well now and starting to look forward to new beginnings.

  9. Hi Baz~!!
    I'm proud you are all better.
    Take care.
    Smiles From,