Thursday, 6 September 2012



We travel the road alone, we arrive alone, we depart alone.

Along the way friends and loved ones come and go.

They colour and paint our lives in the most extraordinary ways.

Father to Son, Father to Son.

Mother to Daughter, Mother to Daughter.

From friends we learn throughout our lives.

They rally to us in moments of need and uncertainty.

The journey is indeed an uncertain one, for we know not its direction or terminus.

Most of the time we travel in the light our path clear and certain.

At other moments the way is dark and undefined.

At these times those closest to us, are our guiding lights.

This closeness not measured in distance

But in love and comradeship

There is I have no doubt, a way, a route, a path to what we seek

The journey different for each of us but a journey it is!

If we  are diligent and with a little luck we may find  Enlightenment along the way

If as the song says you still have not found what your looking for.

Don't stop Looking.

It is out there.


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