Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Buenaventure Love Story

It was a perfect evening, the sun slowly sinking in the West. Painting the sky with golden and red hues.

He had tied the boat up for the night in the prearranged place, just a few miles outside the city.Sitting in the cabin he waited for his visitor to arrive.

There was excitement and nervousness in his mind.
Opening the door of a small cabinet he took out a bottle of Glenmorangie - Single Malt Scotch Whisky, dropped ice in a glass and poured a double shot.

Tonight was going to be make or break for Mike. What happened between him and Alejandra would decide his future.

The Fact she was so beautiful made things even more daunting for him. He could not get her sensuous curved body out of his mind.

But he knew that he had to convince her that what he was offering was the real thing. So he would keep his mind clear and be sure that she accepted him for what he was.

She had to drive out to the bay from Buenaventure and depending on the traffic should be there anytime.

Mike sipped his scotch and considered how he was going to get from Alejandra what he wanted. He knew she was interested in what he had to offer and what he wanted from her.

A broad smile had crossed her soft lips when he had suggested meeting on the boat in a secluded place. She had kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear so that none at the party would hear.

So here he waited at the appointed time, praying that everything would go as smoothly as it had in his dreams.

There was the sound of tyres on gravel and lights cast shadows through the cabin windows. A car door slammed and he could hear the crunch of the gravel as she walked to the dock.

Alejandra was a beautiful 37 year old woman who knew what she wanted. Tonight was going to be make or break for Alejandra.

What happened between her and Mike would decide her future. The fact he was so handsome made things even more daunting for her.

She could not get his strong muscular body out of her mind.But she knew that she had to convince him that what she was offering was the real thing.

So she would keep her mind clear and be sure that he accepted her for what she was.

They met on the dock and he kissed her on both cheeks and welcomed her. Putting an arm around her waist he guided her up the ladder and onto the cruser.

He noticed that she had a night bag with her and that surprised him a little. He had not expected that she would be that prepared for what he had suggested to her at the party.

He offered her a drink she said she would drink what he was drinking. They talked the small talk for a while and then Mike suggested that they sit down and discuss his proposal.

That broard smile crossed her lips and she said that no discussion was needed and that he should show her what he had to offer.

Mike grinned that stupid boyish grin as he did when he knew he was going to get what he wanted.

He turned and went to the cabinet and pulled out a briefcase clicked the locks and opened the lid.

As he turned he heard the sound of a zip being slowly slid open, that grin returning to his face.

As he looked into her eyes, his grin disappeared in an instant.

Alejandra Escobar Gaviria stood before him with her fathers Uzi Submachine Pistol in her hand that she had taken from the night bag.

As Mike went to speak she fired off 2 shots, both hitting Mike squarely in the forehead, the case fell from his hand and he was dead before he hit the floor.

Alejandra Escobar Gaviria was a beautiful Colombian woman, but more than that she was the daughter of imprisoned, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria the most notorious and violent drug lord of the Medellín Cartel.

She looked at Mikes body almost sadly as she picked up the bags of white powder that had fallen from the case, he had been such a beautiful man.

But far more importantly, tonight a new dynasty of the 
Medellín Cartel had been born!


  1. this...did you write it or did it happen. Sounds just like something that would happen in Savannah...I'm so ready to go back.

  2. The name sounds familiar so maybe true story??? Either way the writing is terrific and had me on the edge of my seat...a novel in the making!