Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Early Morning Trail Ride in West Moors Plantation

The sun streaming through my bedroom window woke me early today.
Autumn has come early this year and with a vengeance the outside thermometer was reading just over 4C!
I wrapped myself up in my cold weather cycling gear and headed out for the trails, I could not have imagined what a beautiful morning it was going to turn into!


It was initally hard going as the cool morning arin bit into my muscles and chilled my fingers even inside my cycling gloves!

There was a beauty in the long morning shadows as the sun crested the tree tops.

On the open trails mist drifted;slowly as it was burnt off in the warming rays of the sun.


In the newly planted sections shadows danced across dewy brances, cobwebs and browning leaves.


Were the sun cut across the trail were warm golden pools of light where I could stop a while and enjoy the warming rays.

But the trail beckoned me on  long vistas drawing me on.


The chill air bit hard and muscles protested and would not warm, it was hard work, but worth every effort


Where the trails give way to farmland the golden mist hung low on the fields


Horses in their snug blankets grazed in Autumn pastures.


The beauty of a cold morning like this, it reminds you your alive, and how beautiful this world of ours can be.


Have a wonderful day and may your God be with you;)


  1. Beautiful ride!!! Ah the lively lovely English countryside :) xoxx

    1. Good Morning sweetheart yes it was beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You have a wonderful day too. Loved all the photos (and the blog) especially the foggy horse ones. You have a lot of dedication to be out in the cold damp air.

    1. Good Morning Lynda at my age I have to stay fit LOL;)

    2. I see you were herding photos with your trusty bike and achieved very good results. We also have a lot of mist here from the River Aar at this time of the year in the early mornings hours, but it has its own fascination. My photos never come out as good as yours but I am rarely up early enough to practice.

    3. LOL its worth the effort to get out early they come out best breaking all the rules and shooting into the sun I find Pat;)

  3. What a ride!!! Love the photos, my favorites are the horses just breathtaking photos! :)

  4. Your misty morning shots are just awesome, Baz!! Every one a winner!!

  5. Thanks Mitch lets hope we can capture some when your here;)