Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Hi there, I think I may be talking to myself!  One of my friends recently commented how she missed the way we used to post blogs on Multiply, but that nobody seems to find Facebook amenable to Blogging. Does anybody actually blog here anymore? The only reason I come here now is to post on Picture This.

I have missed blogging I used to enjoy it. But the truth is there was very little interaction when I did so I stopped. 

I dont know if a single person will see this but do you read blogs and would you read and comment if there were still blogs on this page?

Looking out for any comments with anticipation!


  1. Hi Baz!! I saw Amalie's post on FB too. I'm still here, but only just. I take part in a small photo-meme on a Tuesday and there's 'Picture This', of course. Nothing else apart from that. Yes, I do miss the old blogging from the Multiply days, too.

  2. I also spoke to Amalie about blogging, have no idea why we died out over here, we were a nice little group. should we try again??