Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Creative Challenge 254 - At a snail's pace

At a snail's pace


Sun shines on a lazy day
Roses bask
Insects feed and play
Birds sing and wing away

Warm breeze brushes golden skin
Calmness comes from deep within
Worries seem to drift away
Heady scents all fears allay 

Work to be done
another day
At a snail's pace
The only way to enjoy this day


  1. a lovely verse and photo (the hat is a nice touch) :)

  2. How nice a slow easy day, excellent take on subject

  3. That is today's situation at home - at last. Just take it easy, no rush, and watch the insects work.

  4. Sitting back and watching the world go by is always a treat!

  5. A perfect way to spend the day.....that's my kind of snail's pace :-)) Good one, Baz!!

  6. Although my life pace has nothing to do with a snail, once in a blue moon I enjoy that pace... very nice shot of that corner of your garden...