Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Nest Shot?

Next Shot Never worked here after the move from Multiply it is in effect dead in the water so I have decided to close the group down thanks to the one or two people who did contribute, I guess in the busy world we live in people just don't have time?


  1. Doesn't surprise me Baz. I quite enjoyed the group, got to a slow start, but perhaps it might have worked eventually. I saw that you have many entries in MuzeNews and I do not participate in groups in Muzenews.

  2. No I was not really surprised, but as Mitch will tell you groups take a lot of work to keep going and I guess I don't have to motivation to keep it going just in case it perks up LOL, thanks for the contributions you made to the group Pat;)

  3. I find it so very difficult to be social on here, Baz, you literally have to hunt for entries or news from people some days there is nothing. That said, you visit and leave a message, but no one seems to go back to their blog or entry and check messages and reply so interaction is totally dead. So sorry about your group. I don't do Muze as you well know. See you over on Picture This and on Facebook?

  4. Sorry you've decided to call it a day on NS. My problem was trying to get new shots for the weekly theme. Being at work all work, it only leaves the weekends and they have been crap weather-wise so far this year, so the only time I've been able to take part is when improvising indoor shots. I'm sure it would have been much better come summer!!

    1. Sorry, that should read 'being at work all week'

  5. I can understand why. I'm one that just didn't have the time to participate all the time. Muzenews is just not as much fun as Multiply. Hardly anyone sends out notices and I don't have time to go looking for blogs so I don't participate much over there.

  6. It is hard to keep up with the groups, and honestly most of the time I look through the archives when I do participate.
    I have major trouble with Photobucket so posting photos in some groups is a chore for me.
    Muzenews...unless it's a post for a group only one or two people visit my page so I just stay here on Blogger.
    Creative Challenge averages about 10 participants per week, way down from Multiply but it is much easier for me LOL
    :( I'm sorry about Next Shot