Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hi All

Hi all, I have not been on very much lately, I had so much work to catch up on after that long bout  of Bronchitis and Marcis Visit, I seem to finally be back on schedule, all the work in the garden that should have been done before Christmas is now completed I just have a huge pile of shrub cuttings to put through the shredder.

So now I am going to try and catch up on some blogging!

I still have hundreds of shots still not converted from RAW that I took during Marcis Visit.

Here are a few from the day we visited the New Forest


  1. Hi Baz!! Glad to hear you're getting all caught up now!! No snow here, I'm glad to say, as usual it's missing here. I'm just getting rain, rain and more rain...same as usual!!

    Love your shots of the Mandarin Duck, it's beautiful!! I've been wanting to photograph one of these for ages, but never seem to see one, but you're the second friend this week who have posted shots of one!! LOL. Great shots of Marci making friends with the miniature ponies, too :-))

  2. Magnificent shots of the ducks and lovely shots of Marci and the ponies (you can tell how much she loves animals just by the photo)