Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hi all a bit of a stressful week!

We had a bit of an upset here on Thursday Mon had a bad Angina attack, so bad I had to call the Paramedic who as usual was here in well under 10 minutes. Moms Angina has been under-control for years and this was the first attack since she moved in here with me.

It was very severe and to be honest she was exhibiting many of the symptoms of a heart attack, hence my 999 call. The paramedic was concerned because Moms blood pressure was through the roof and her O2 reading reading at only 76% so he called the ambulance who again amazingly were here in 5 minutes.

I followed on to the hospital, thankfully Mom started to stabilize on the way to the hospital and the pain in her chest was gone when we got there, they decided to keep her in over night for a whole raft of tests especially 2 blood tests for enzymes to confirm she had not had a blood clot  or a minor heart attack, both showed negative and they called me Friday lunch time and told me I could collect her as soon as I could get there.

The only change they made to Moms meds was to put here on a new Angina medication that is more effective than the old one.

Moms resting up today but already eager to get out and test out her new walking boots that arrived in the post this morning LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe my friends;)


  1. So glad your mom is better and feeling like getting out and about.

  2. I bet that was a scare for both of you!! Glad to hear she's doing ok and back home now. Tell her the boots will have to wait for a couple of days, at least!!

  3. Phew! Thank goodness she has you Baz and is on the mend. That sure is scary and I agree with Mitch. The boots can wait.