Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hi all

Sorry I am not around much these days life has just got really busy! 

Between my photography work and voluntary work for the health walks and cycle rides I dont seem to have a second these days to get on line. 

I have to admit to not blogging much or having time to read blogs.

Now spring seems to have sprung here and I think my muse has returned from walk about I will try and get on more.

Thinking of you all anyway have a great week;);) xxx


  1. Hi Baz!! Good to hear you're keeping busy!!

    Are you still ok to host the PT Challenge this coming Saturday?

    1. Thats great!! Looking forward to seeing your theme on Saturday :-))

  2. Hi Baz, I know what you mean about busy. Mine is just different to yours. LOL Good to see you my friend.

  3. Glad you are staying busy! That is a good thing it sounds like :)

  4. hey my other clothes on tonight hosting PP this week..idle hand devils playgrounds and all that rot huh...missing you mate..take care and love to mum

  5. Do not worry about not being online much ! I find that I am online LESS now than I was when I was in the bush on anti-poaching patrols for 6 months ... grins :)
    As long as you are busy and happy.... that is all that matters.
    Glad to hear from you and to realize that all is well !
    have a fantastic day !