Monday, 14 January 2013

Hi All!


Hi all after a wonderful almost 3 week visit Marci is back home and resting today before going back to work tomorrow, we had a wonderful time and should be getting back together again in the spring all being well.

We visited many fantastic places and took lots of shots, I will be posting some over the next few weeks. This was one Shot of Marci at Stonehenge which she had always wanted to visit it was amazing as I had not been there in the last 30 years!

Have a wonderful day;)


  1. Glad you two had a great time together!! Really nice shot of Marci at Stonehenge :-))

  2. Looking forward to seeing all of those photos Baz. So pleased you had a fabulous time with your beloved Marcie and hope the time flies until you get together again.

  3. how very kewl and one off the bucket list..and as lovely as always