Monday, 17 December 2012


I spent the weekend thinking about what happened in Connecticut on Friday, looking for reasons and excuses for forgiveness for  a person who could perpetrate such an atrocity; I found none.

Anybody no matter what personal Daemons they fight who perpetrates such a crime against humanity is beyond redemption and forgiveness. 

No man or woman should have to out live and suffer the loss of a child, loss at such a tender age is beyond imagining! 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family's and friends of these  poor Children and to all Americans at another tragic loss. 

As a foreigner, but somebody with a love for and a vested interest in America, I look in from the outside and ask, regardless of your own Politics and your countries Constitution, is it not time to come together and protect your children, if nothing else?

Again Thoughts and Prayers for all those who endure such a grievous loss 


  1. I'm sharing your private thoughts on such a heart-wrenching matter... As a mother it's hard to describe the pain and sorrow I feel for those victims and their families... Things have changed so much from my time when the influence of parents influenced their children, immensely... How little influence parents have on their children’s behavior, nowadays! Even though, parents should not give up teaching their children to have values. Perhaps if parents are a bit authoritarian and not so permissive, indulgent, neglectful, children would have a better behaviour...

  2. It was heart wrenching. Deeply saddened by the tragic events,,,,

  3. And I think it hits harder because of this time of the year. I just don't understand the criminal mind but also I wish the media wouldn't show the children's photos. Let the families and friends grieve in peace. I've been a victim of the media in the name of the free press & and it hurts deep.

  4. I'm with you on this Baz, I have thought and thought about it, but it makes no sense, there IS no excuse, it's unfathomable and unforgiveable.

  5. Another dreadful school rampage killing by one with a sick mind. One look at his eyes and I would have had him put away before he could harm anyone. He was on medication so his doctor should have done something more.

  6. It was a dreadful thing and a heartbreaking time.