Sunday, 4 November 2012

Happy Sunday

Hi all, Thanks for all the Kind words yesterday. it is a slow process getting over Bronchitis, I felt exhausted again yesterday evening after just a short trip to the store for groceries, I guess its gona take its time ;) 

 Its very frustrating when your an active outside person like me being restricted, but I guess I have to accept that's how its going to be for the next few weeks. 

 I will have to get out for some air now and then but I just have to accept I will feel worse for a while afterwards, but that's what I need to do. 

 I will get around you blogs as I can I have started to feel more like sitting at the computer for a while. Have a great Sunday, Baz;)


  1. Slowly, but surely Baz. Can't rush it. Have a great Sunday yourself.

    Joanne has power back now, you'll be pleased to hear :-))

  2. Enjoy you Sunday all the same. And the blogs are not so important (unless you are Stephen King, Michael Connolly or Henning Mankell - am still waiting to be disovered). Take it easy - am sending healing vibes from switzerland.

  3. Baz, don't make haste... your recovery needs rest... anyway, hope you are spending your sunday with a fairly good mood...

  4. Sending you more get well wishes..take it easy so you don't have a relaspe. :)

  5. Whatever you do Baz, keep warm! Wrap up like an Eskimo when you go outside. It is too easy for this to go to phu nomia. It is a problem I have every year.
    I don't like restriction either so know how you feel. Be patient my friend and get well soon.

  6. I don't like how you sound this am. I hope it's not getting worse. Hugs you tight. I know you hat not getting out an about like you normally do. I hope this bug leaves soon.

  7. Trying to learn my way around Blog Spot, finally taking some time to do so. Hope you are feeling better by the time I am posting this comment. I have had breathing/allergy/what you have type problems in the past and I know it's not fun.