Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sorry I have not been around I have a visitor!!!

Also its the busiest time of year for me in the garden lots of Maintainance to do before Winter sets in, but its my guest who  has been the time graber!

He is Greek!

He is 66 years old


A very finicky eater!

His name is Sherpa!


He has been my Cousins house guest since she was 4 years old, she will be 58 next birthday, she is a photographer as well and is off to China to photograph Panda in the wild for 3 weeks and she asked if Sherpa could visit with me while she was away and he has been keeping me busy. I will get around and visit as soon as I can. Thanks for all the kind comments on Images and Words have a great day;)


  1. LOL and I thought you had one of your Greek cyber visitors to stay. Anyhow, just convince Sherpa that it is almost time for all good shelled animals to take a Winter sleep, then you won't have so much bother. Remember they make burrows in the ground like the great escape. At least my neighbour's do. They also go for walkabouts. I think I picked up at least two of my neighbours in the road as it was going for a walk. Thank goodness only in the village. I had to stop the car, pick him up and take him home. He also has a few ancient specimens. A hobby of his.

  2. By the way a perfect portrait. But they dont move so quickly.

  3. I hope you're remembering to cut up all his vegetables properly!!! LMAO!!!

  4. I love the Greek, my garden visitors tend to be less exotic, a Robin, plenty of snails and occasionally a frog, none of which compare to your visitor. But he does make a good model for the perfect portrait. Good luck in the garden maintenance dept, my garden is only small but I know how much there is do to before the frost comes.

  5. Seriously? Sherpa is keeping you busy? Are you cooking three course meals? :)

  6. *Laughing.* Danette has said what I was thinking. Fantastic photo, he looks in his prime and very well cared for.

    The last we heard from you Baz you were not well. All okay now???

  7. That's quite a garden guest, how do you keep him from tearing up your nice garden? I haven't been around much either. So behind especially here on Blog Spot. It's a busy time for me too.

  8. Just popping in to say Hi to Sherpa, well and you of course. He looks lovely, how big is he? I am not familiar with Greek Tortoise, only really know my local Leopard Tortoise, of which I have over the year rescued 3, from uneducated owners ( you are not allowed to keep any indigenous wild life captive here) and rehabilitated and set free...........They are great and become so tame, but hard work and expensive to keep, they are huge here and eat a lot and of course poop a lot too *grins*

    Take some more pics so I can see him nicely, please. How is mother????

  9. Sherpas cousin Thor lives in Savannah. LOL I think this is very cool and it says a lot about you. Your cousin must trust you very much to leave such a prize with you. Love you..have a good day Baz