Monday, 1 October 2012

Return to the reflecting Pool

I dont know if your the same, there are just some places I can go shoot over and over again and never get quite the same shot twice? The Reflecting Pool is one of those places for me

I took Mitch to shoot there and I went back with Mom on Saturday and the water was like glass and I was able to get closer to the waters edge and get some really nice shots, here are the best of the bunch I hope you enjoy them, have a great day;)


  1. oh yes there a quite a few places I can return to...

    I love the clouds that are reflected in the reflecting looks like autumn is upon you...wonderful forest smells I can see LOL

  2. They are all such wonderful them all :)

  3. Fabulous shots, Baz. You got better conditions on Saturday than the day we went. By the way, what was the name of the place we went to on Day 2? I can't remember. I know it was Avon Valley on Day 1 and Upton House on Day 3.

  4. Stunning shots Baz. I sure as hell can't get anything to match that unless I drive for miles and miles, even if I was experienced enough to take photos like you and everyone else does. LOL

    I have just told someone off in a post on g+ about photographers having big egos.One guy got me so mad I am surprised I didn't swear!

  5. The water was perfect. If you ever get to Oregon, go to Crater Lake, in the summer(snowed in until about the end of June). The water is so wonderful you can't tell where the mountains end and the water begins.