Saturday, 13 October 2012

Have a great weekend;)

Autumn in the English Garden.



  1. I was thinking on the same lines this morning. The autumn world has such wonderful colours as your super shot shows. So this afternoon action and see what my patch of land has to offer. LIfe can be so great. I always look forward to your photo of the day.

  2. Hi Baz. Have a great weekend!! The garden is still looking great :-))

    1. Yes I recon the next couple of weeks and its over for this year Mate! Have a great weekend;)

  3. Hope your weekend is great too. Rodeos yesterday. Catch up on house work some today, eat out at favorite BB place and then rodeo again tonight. Church tomorrow.

  4. A bit sad really when you see all of your beautiful summer garden changing like that I always think. A sure sign of nasty weather ahead. I think that is why I have mostly evergreen. Well, up to this spring anyway. I have planted new bushes along the boundry and today planted bright orange pompom marigolds. Showers on and off all day and same for tomorrow, wildflowers being sown tomorrow, heaps of them all over the place. Then i will look at my veggie garden and get it sorted ready for the seedlings. Plant them after labour Weekend.

  5. Is that your garden Baz? Whow hasn't it grown? Looking fabulous in its autumn colours.