Sunday, 7 October 2012

Avon Heath Country Park - Southern Section

Yesterday Mom and I Went over to one of our favorite spots, Yesterday Mom and I Went over to one of our favorite spots, Avon Heath Country Park. 

We had never visited the south section of the Park which is separated from the North by a major road. 
We walked along the Bridle way and into the South Park. It has a completely different character to the North.

This slide show follows our walk in sequence I hope you enjoy it, have a great Sunday;)


  1. The light and colours all say 'Autumn!!" I see what you mean, that side is quite different to the North side. Still really lovely for walking though. Does that old tin-roofed hut have any significance? Maybe part of an old military base or something?

    1. yes Mitch i BELIEVE so its right next to that strange run way I showed you

  2. You live in such a beautiful district there Baz. I think your walk would have been inspiring to say the least. Beautiful lighting and gorgeous colours of Autumn. Truly splendid.

  3. Wonderful photos and I really enjoyed the one with the metal building. :)

  4. Luv to see the shining golden brown of autumn in your pics. The first one sure made me miss the trails with you.

  5. Awesome photos Baz. The only trouble with Autumn and it's beautiful colours is that the next step is winter.

  6. Wow! Great photos! Beautiful fall colors!