Saturday, 29 September 2012

Good Morning all

I hope you had a great week? 

Mitch and I had a great time it rained quite a bit but we managed to get out and get some good shots, we went to Upton Gardens one day and Mitch was in seventh heaven with all the flowers and insects for his Macro shots , I am sure he got some amazing ones and you will be seeing them soon I am sure.

Unfortunately he developed a back problem the day before he had to go home so we could not do much Thursday I hope he is OK today. 

He headed out about mid morning yesterday, I am sure he is having a lay in today. It was great to catch up with him again and I really did enjoy the week.

I will try and catch up on as many posts as I can over the weekend;)

Have a great weekend;)



  1. I had a really great time visiting you and your mom, thanks for a great visit. Thanks for putting up with my bad jokes all week, too!! LOL. The area you live in has some beautiful parks, heathlands and forests, I loved photographing some of them. Had a long drive back, traffic was heavy all the way. My back is feeling somewhat better today.

    1. It was great to have you visit Mitch we had a great time as well, you and Joanne know your welcome any time;)

  2. Nice that you 2 had a good visit :) love the photo above :)

  3. I must say I missed you two, worth it though as two buddies getting together rain, hail, or snow, a good laugh, great time, fabulous photos I bet, hope it didn't rain ALL of the time. What more could one want? LOL

  4. Though the weather hadn't been as fine as it would have been desirable, I'm sure you had a great time together. Beautiful shot of that pathway... Have a nice sunday!