Thursday, 16 August 2012

May you live in interesting times????????????

"May you live in interesting times",
                                   often referred to as the Chinese curse, is reputed to be the English translation of an ancient Chinese proverb and curse, although it may have originated among the English themselves. It is reported that it was the first of three curses of increasing severity, the other two being:

 "May you come to the attention of those in authority" (sometimes rendered "May the government be aware of you"). This is sometimes quoted as "May you come to the attention of powerful people." (Alternately, "important people".)

 "May you find what you are looking for." This is sometimes quoted as "May your wishes be granted."
I have decided I am living in interesting times!
But far from taking it as a cures I am looking at the demise of our internet home here at Multiply as an opportunity for a little online adventure with new places to explore and new friends to find.
I have always believed that the only thing you can be sure about in life is that thing change, a large part of my career was in jobs that involved "managing change" so I feel very comfortable with it,
I also know that change is something other people may find hard to deal with, I wish I had an answer for them but I don't.
But I firmly believe the only way to look at and deal with change is view it as an oppertunity.
I hope the down hill side of the week goes well for you, may your God be with you;)     


  1. I think you are right, there Baz...........Let us look at this unexpected unwelcome change as a new opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, reconnect with friends and have some new adventures.

    Chat later, still got to get this site of mine to look presentable, I know I did a guestbook, but now cannot find it. Need to figure out if you can post an album or only in blogs and how to interact and add the people I would like to follow.

    *sigh* thing at at time. Will get there eventually , I hope. *smile*

  2. You adapt to change extremely well Baz...Love what you are teaching us all here.

  3. Hello, I found your blog to be uplifting, thank you. :)

  4. i am a firm believer in the fact that god has a big plan...:)